Hi, I'm Fabio Pereira.

Speaker, influencer, writer, futurist, technologist focused on people. I have a dream to bring more Digital Consciousness to 1 billion digital citizens, if you are reading this, you're one of them, thanks for the visit.

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Fabio, what do you work with?

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I've been working with Technology for over 17 years helping innovative and disruptive companies transform their businesses through technology. After 10 years consulting at ThoughtWorks, today I lead innovation at Red Hat

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A lot of what I've learned throughout my life was watching talks. So, when I speak it's like a way for me to give back to the world what I've been given. I've given public talks in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany and even on the famous TEDx.

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I love sharing knowledge in may ways, books is one of them. I published a book called "Digital Consciousness" (in Porguguese). Upcoming translation to English is #DigitalNudge.

Upcoming book

Some key and important moments of my life.

I'm grateful it's been a lot, here are a few of them


I have dual citizenship. Brazilian by birth, Australian Citizen. I was born in João Pessoa, grew up in Pombal and lived in Sydney (Australia) for 8 years.

Dan Ariely

I met Dan Ariely, who's been so kind to give me some advice, being a digital mentor since 2015, guiding some of my important decisions.

Luca Bastos Award

It's been an honor to be the first and only speaker to be awarded twice with the Luca Bastos Best Speaker Award.

Berlin Talk

I've been invited to speak at GOTO Berlin in Germany, where I spoke about Digital Decisions, and Artificial Intelligence Bias.

CMO.com.au Cover

I was featured on the cover of CMO.com.au, a well known Marketing news website in Australia, with an article about #DigitalNudge and its ethics.


I've been on Television twice. Once about the link between Psychology and Technology and the other I was a judge on a NASA event.

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