Who is Fabio Pereira ?

Short version:

  • Founder of crowd funding platform Goalnect
  • IT consultant @ ThoughtWorks in Sydney (Australia).
  • Worked and started my own company in São Paulo (Brazil).
  • Grew up in Pombal (Brazil).
  • Born, lived and graduated in João Pessoa (Brazil).
  • Working in the IT industry since 2001
  • Passionate about software development, agile practices and coaching
  • Also passionate about movies, photography, languages, traveling, human behaviour and psychology

Long version:

I am an IT consultant currently working at ThoughtWorks in Sydney (Australia). I am passionate about software development, specially when it comes down to agile values, principles and practices.

I am originally from João Pessoa (Brazil). I graduated in Computer Science at UFPB and moved to São Paulo (Brazil) where I started my own company. I have been working in the IT industry since 2002 across various domains, including credit card, mobile payment, banking, risk management, pensions and insurance. Throughout this time I had the opportunity to work with some brilliant minds from companies like NEUS, ImproveIt, Paggo, TeamWare and Control.

My technical experience is mainly with Java J2EE platform, but I also had contact with .Net and Ruby on Rails.

Some of my other interests are movies, photography, languages, travelling and human behaviour, particularly in terms happiness and motivation.