My name is Fabio Pereira. Welcome to my profile website.

Here you will find my thoughts and ideas about my passion in Public Speaking, Software Development, Writing, Movies, Theater, Languages, Photography and Psychology

What I Do

I am a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. In the software industry I have been helping organisations achieve their objectives fulfilling Technical Lead, Application Architect, Agile Coach, Iteration Manager and various other roles since 2001 ...


What I Also Do

I am also a photographer of wedding, people, landscapes, animals and whatever picture my two eye lenses wish to capture.


Some work and life achievements

I wrote a chapter on this book about how Cognitive Psychology experiments can help us understand Agile Software Development.

I spoke live to thousands of people during the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar Hangout

I participated in a roundtable discussion for leaders with members of the consulate of the United States in Brazil and the US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta S. Jacobson

I have surprised my wife with this proposal over the sound of her favorite band, The Beatles.

I've visited 68 cities around the world. Still a lot more to see...

I have dual citizenship. I was born in Brazil (João Pessoa - PB), grew up in Pombal - PB and became Australian Citizen in 2013. I also lived in São Paulo and Recife for some time.

I was invited to judge the best project at the NASA Space Apps Challenge. I was on Globo, Brazil's biggest national TV channel, which reported the event.

I gave one of the best rated talks to over a thousand people at QCon Beijing in China. I have also spoken in several other conferences in Brazil, Australia and China including QCon, Agile Australia, Agile Brazil and others.

I have written articles which had a huge impact in the software development community. Some had a reach of over 160k people. Like these ones.

These two photos of mine have won a Global Photo Competition with over 5 thousand images competing. They were the winners for North America and South America.

Say Hello

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