Bone or Wood? Which one is harder?

Yesterday (Sunday) I accidentally/on-purpose tripped/kicked/ran-into my bed... well, it's complicated, not even I understand properly how it happened... But, long story short: I broke my toe.

It's the fourth time I break a bone in my life. It's always the same thing. It gets very numb and everyone around me says:
“You didn't break anything, otherwise you'd be crying… Blah Blah Blah…”

A couple of hours later:

broken toe foot pe quebrado-1

broken toe foot pe quebrado-7

I went to St Vincent's Hospital close to my apartment and was very well treated:

  • X-Ray to confirm it was broken
  • Tons of painkillers
  • Crutches
  • Ice
  • Keep foot elevated, above heart level

I broke the proximal phalanx on the right toe, also called hallux.

Left foot below is a normal one from the internet. The right one is mine.


Now I have to learn how to use crutches and work from home.

broken toe foot pe quebrado-14

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