Current International Perception of Brazil

As a brazilian, it was very interesting to watch this video. It shows what americans think about Brazil. It's pretty accurate, with some exceptions. Especially the fact that it mentions Lula, former president, as the responsible for stabilizing the economy. It was actually the president before him who did it Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Lula has just proceeded with most of Fernando Henrique's action plans.

It's true that the video doesn't express the reality, but it felt to me like a small retrospective...

What's good about Brazil:

- Growing at 7%, 3 times faster than America

- 14% of the world's fresh water

- 80% of its electricity comes from hydropower

- For its size, the world's greenest economy

- World leading exporter of beef, chicken, orange juice, sugar, coffee.

- Police has recently pacified 13 slums and there's 27 more to go in Rio

- 1 trillion dollar of oil found recently 150 miles from the coast

- Economists are predicting that Brazil, China, Russia and India will dominate the world economy in the 21st century

- A country that would rather play soccer and make love other than fight a war

What can be improved:

- The brazilian way: "Why do something today that you can pay someone to do it the day after tomorrow?"

- Incredibly high taxes on almost everything

- 90% of the roads are still unpaved

- Public transportation

- Rich/Poor gap

- High tolerance for corruption

- Bureaucratic red tape

I'd be happy to hear comments... There's a lot of comments for the video on youtube.

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