Consultancy is like riding a running horse

I just finished the book Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, in fact I finished listening to it I have been using Audible to download some audio books, it’s really good actually.

One interesting metaphor in the book mentions that if we want to change one’s behaviour, or if we want them to agree with us on some subject which is different from their current beliefs, it is like riding a running horse… Basically if you try to jump on the horse and at the same time steer him towards another direction, it’s very likely that you will fall… However, if you jump on the horse and ride towards the same direction that the horse is going for some time and slowly steer him towards the direction you want him to go, then it is more likely that you will get some success.

Eventually you and the horse will be going towards a direction which is neither the original horse’s nor the one you had in mind when jumped on it… Both will learn from each other what’s the best way to go.

consultant ridinga horse

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