Funny Story Wall Avatar

No, I will not talk about James Cameron’s blue Jack and Rose new Titanic, aka Avatar.

“An avatar is a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego, as a two-dimensional icon (picture).

Usually on our agile projects, we like to put up walls with big visible charts and walls where we, and other stakeholders, can see what’s happening. One of the most commonly used types of wall is a Story Wall, where one of the messages that we try to convey is who is working on what

One of the ways of doing this is to stick the name or a photo of the person (or pair) who is working on a particular story. One of my life and work philosophies is that a hint of fun in almost everything very seldom hurts, on the other hand it brings a new and better atmosphere to the environment. So why not put a little bit of fun on the story wall?

My current team:

Nigel Fernandes had a goatee very similar to Ali G’s.

Prabin Deka has been using a scarf indoor, which reminded us a little bit of the posh Jude Law.

Ken Friesen is, obviously, Barbie’s husband.

And why is this Fabio supermodel so famous? I get that all the time… Damn it. :)

Funny Story Wall Avatar

Try to be creative and come up with your own Avatar Selection Criteria… Phillip told once that he likes to Google for images with the person’s name and pick one from the first page… That’s a good one as well.

Anyway, the rule is to have a bit of fun.

Oh, I almost forgot the best Avatar on our project… Luke Stubbles got his name misspelled as Stubbies… And here is his photo.

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