Dave Coombes and The Essential Architecture Kit

Yesterday was the last day of our so respected, funny, smart, awesome Dave Coombes at ThoughtWorks. He is not only a colleague, but also one of my best friends. So he will be missed a looooot.

We are working together on the same project and our team organised a couple of surprises for him...
Well done guys!!!

Dave will be the architect of a big bank in Australia, so we've been joking around because of that... In a very good way, of course. So we gave him The Essential Architecture Kit, which contains:

  • A portable white board
  • A ruler so that he can integrate systems by connecting them with lines
  • Architecture for Dummies (the book)



Josh posted this photo while we were still at the pub yesterday having lots of fun, but also a bit sad because we will miss this legend! I wish you all the best Dave!

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